How to Achieve Marvelous Winter Photographs

Winter photography can be extremely beautiful when it is done right. This is only the case if you know how to take photographs during winter, though the images taken have a real powerful quality to them. It is not the same as other situations and you will have to follow new rules. However, we can provide you with a few tips which will ensure that you get the most out of every shot.

1. Manual white balance

Most modern cameras will automatically set the white balance but this is not the case during winter. There is so much white around that the camera can get easily fooled and you will end up with snow looking more grey than white. In order to avoid this, you have to set the white balance yourself, but there is no set standard for this. You will just have to play around with the settings and see which ones work best.


2. Add a little overexposure

Again, the whiteness of the world will play tricks with your camera and cause it to misinterpret the availability of light. You might find some of them darker and less vibrant than you were expecting if you take pictures with regular exposure. In order to correct this, you need to overexpose your shots a little, but not so much that the details start becoming less clear.


3. Increase ISO for action shots

If you are taking static pictures, leave your ISO the way it is. If you are taking action shots such as of people skiing, you will want to increase ISO in order to compensate for the darker ambience.


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Film Sweet Film!

FilmPhotography was built on film. True it started on glass plates, but the majority of it’s life has been on film. Whether on plate, roll, sheet or whatever, film has been around since the late 1800′s and further developed into household use by Thomas Edison and George Eastman of Kodak fame. Film defined photography for decades and as such there were literally hundreds of film brands, types, speeds, variations that the user could use. Kodak ranks the highest with the number of proprietary films they made for their cameras. Today film in sizes like 828, 127, 620, 120, 110, and 126 are still available as is numerous brands, speeds and variations of 35mm. And there are still places to get it processed!

To learn photography one really needs to understand film. Anyone and pick up a digital camera, set it to auto and produce an acceptable photograph. Why? Because the camera and the microprocessor is doing what the mind should be doing. It is determining the exposure, the light, the ambient light, the f-stop and shutter speed and color range. But put a Pentax K1000 in the hands of the same user and you will get a whole new perspective on how they may not know what photography is all about. Digital has made it so easy that the stock photo’s companies online are flooded with photos that were taken and photo-shopped. Created to be a picture. Yes they are pictures. No, they are not true photographs.
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Actors Can Sing, Too: Famous Celebrities Who Have Sung in Movies and Musicals

ActorsCanSingActors and actresses who can sing are a double threat to the industry since they can actually play most roles in movies or musicals without batting an eyelash. In some cases, actors and actresses have a background in music, and others have discovered their singing ability after Hollywood made them into superstars.

Gerard Butler is one of the most stunning cases of an actor, who didn’t know he could sing, playing an iconic musical role. He played the lead in “The Phantom of the Opera” when it came to be a big-budget film, and his performance left music lovers absolutely stunned. Normally, he’s known for roles in tough-guy movies like “300″ and “Attila the Hun,” so this was a complete turnaround from what he was used to playing. Gerard Butler apparently had no idea that he could sing well enough for the role, and Andrew Lloyd Webber had him try out for the intensely difficult tenor part of the Phantom after just a few singing lessons.

Patrick Swayze has played Broadway roles in “Dirty Dancing,” “Grease,” and “Chicago,” but he is probably better known for his acting roles in “Point Break,” “The Outsiders,” and “Red Dawn.” He first became known to the industry after playing the role of Danny Zuko in “Grease,” which was his big break.
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Identity Thief Film Review

IdentityThiefFilmIf you’re looking for a film that will have you laughing from start to finish, look no further because Identity Thief does that and much more.

The story revolves around a loving family including Dad Sandy (Jason Bateman) Mum Trish (Amanda Peet) and their two daughters living in the suburbs.

Big, bold and busty Diana (Melisa McCarthy) bursts on to the scene and shakes the foundations of this happy family. Sandy has to travel across America to sort out Diana in order to save his job, reputation and family’s wellbeing.

Also looking for Diana is a number of bounty hunters. Can Sandy find her in time and stop his world from being turned upside down?

Actor Review
Melissa McCarthy (Diana) may very well be a one trick pony, but the one trick she does is a good one. She had the audience crying with laughter and also manages to tug on the heart strings a number of times throughout the film. She was one awesome leading lady.
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My Top 5 Elvis Presley Movies

ElvisPresleyElvis Presley longed for the opportunity to become a serious actor, but the majority of his movies were lighthearted comedies with a mix of songs and romance that didn’t change much from film to film. The formula may not have been a hit with critics but fans kept paying to see their hero on the big screen.

When I was growing up, it seemed like there was an Elvis Presley movie on every Saturday. I enjoyed them as a kid and enjoy them just as much on DVD today. What follows is a list of my five favorite Elvis movies.

Loving You (1957) Loving You was Presley’s second film, but the first in which he would get top billing. Elvis played the part of Deke Rivers, a poor delivery man who is discovered by a publicist and a country-western musician. The film chronicles a young singing star’s rise to the top, and the effects that fame has on him and the people around him. Elvis’ parents appeared in the film as members of the audience during one of the musical numbers. Sadly, Elvis’ mother would pass away a year later and Presley insisted he would never watch the movie again because it would remind him too much of her.

Jailhouse Rock (1957) In his third film, Elvis plays Vince Everett, a young man sent to prison for manslaughter. While serving his sentence, Vince is befriended by a cellmate who instantly realizes his musical abilities and mentors him in the craft. Following his prison stint, Everett hooks up with a promoter who helps him launch a successful music career. Audiences and critics responded well to the film, but not all fans were happy Presley portrayed such an unlikable character. The memorable dance sequence to the song Jailhouse Rock stands as one of Presley’s greatest on-screen moments.
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